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Stop EVERYTHING: This Scarf Will Make You Invisible


This is not a drill…

Ever spotted your ex in your joggers on the one day you forgot to wash your hair – and wished you could immediately disappear? We’ve ALL been there. Yet despite trying our best Dorothy impersonation, we’ve never managed to click our ruby heels, chanting “there’s no place like home” and vanish into thin air.

Which is why we were very excited this morning to see this magical scarf trending on Twitter. Somebody’s actually come up with a nifty accessory that can literally make you disappear! That’s right. Dreams really can come true.

The ISHU scarf is the canny invention of Dutch-born fashion designer Saif Siddiqui who says his magic ‘paparazzi-proof’ scarf is designed to ‘give people their right to privacy back.’ It apparently works by reflecting light back onto the camera, magically shielding the wearer from mobile flash photography and transforming the scarf into some kind of super-hero invisibility cloak.

‘I came up with it when a few friends took a picture of me on a bike in Amsterdam,’ Siddiqui told Quartz. ‘The reflector on the bike semi-ruined a picture and this is where I thought of creating a product, which you could wear or hold, which could ruin pictures completely.’

So, who’s tried it out so far? We’ve been reliably informed that Cameron Diaz, DMX, Daily Show host Trevor Noah, Joe Jonas and Bayern Munich footballer Jerome Boateng (don’t worry, we had to Google that last one too) have all given it a go so far. Heck, even Paris Hilton has been snapped wearing one.

But whilst Saif has marketed his ISHU scarf at hounded celebs, we think he’s missing a trick here – haven’t we all wished for an invisibility cloak at some point? Don’t us mere civilians deserve anonymity too?


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