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Birthday Memories


As most females will know, birthdays are not always welcomed with open arms. However, if we must turn a year older, what better way to celebrate than with a shopping trip to Paris?

First on our agenda was a visit to the incredibly chic Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Although we arrived half an hour before opening times, there is never a shortage of entertainment. We marvelled at the sheer elegance of the older women in their Chanel box jackets carrying their Birkins, giggled at the atrocious driving of those wishing to use the Valet service, and watched as a queue quickly materialised outside Hermès. Being from a comparatively small French city, where the Hermès store has little more than 3 customers at any one time, I am always amazed at how busy the Hermès stores in Paris are! But the vast selection of scarves always makes up for it! 

My sister has never been one for silk scarves, but I think that living with a silk scarf fanatic for the past 18 months has begun to have an effect! For, as soon as she begun trying on the silks in 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the scarf bug struck! It didn’t take her long to make up her mind. The scarf to catch her attention? ‘Bouquets Sellier’ in cw 09. Fancy my sister beating me to purchase a 90cm x 90cm! As the silk scarf fanatic, I feel ashamed! If only I wasn’t constantly distracted by the 70cm x 70cm designs!


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